Allow me to introduce myself…


Greetings, fellow bloggers! Today marks a very important day in history: I have finally joined the blogosphere! Though making this blog was an assignment for one of my classes, blogging is something that I have wanted to get involved in for a while. Before I jump into too many details, please allow me to do a little bit of introducing.

My name is Victoria Messina, though many call me Vic, and I am a quirky, dedicated and optimistic journalism student at the University of Florida. I have a passion for fashion (an overused yet very accurate saying in my case!), and that is exactly what I will be blogging about.

My posts may include anything from details of my everyday fashion choices to personal commentary on seasonal fashion trends. Though my style is a tad on the eclectic side, I’d say that it’s somewhere along the lines of “modern-day bohemian skater meets wannabe Californian stuck in Florida.” But if I had to narrow it down to simpler terms, I’d stick with free-spirited, hence the name of this blog.

Though I have always had a desire to showcase my personal style, my free-spirited fashion sense did not truly come full circle until I came to college. From kindergarten until my senior year of high school, I wore the same unflattering uniform to school every day. Needless to say, I was a tad overwhelmed with my newfound freedom to wear whatever my little heart desired on the first day of classes at UF.

While some days it’s easier to simply throw on a T-shirt and Nike shorts like many do, I wake up a majority of mornings genuinely excited to pick my outfit for the day. I love trying different outfit combinations that I’ve never tried before and taking fashion risks. That is what I’m here for: to document what drives not only my fashion choices but also the choices of others around me. Whether it be a random passerby on campus or one of my sorority sisters, I have a desire to know what inspires people.

Without further adieu, welcome to my blog. Enjoy!