Let the headband do the talkin’

Whether it’s a beaded Great Gatsby-esque one or a flowery hippie-esque one, it’s undeniable that headbands are all the rage this season. I admit that I have hopelessly fallen under the spell of these trendy accessories, despite my usual attempts to avoid so-called “trends.”

InStyle.com made a good point when they claimed that Gossip Girl brought headbands and head wraps back into the mainstream. Side note: I’d kill to have even ¼ of Blair Waldorf’s headband collection! Since the show’s popularity expanded, headbands certainly haven’t left the spotlight, though they have evolved and diversified.

With the recent growth of the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) culture, “flower crowns” have come into prominence and are typically worn at music festivals like Coachella, Ultra and Lollapalooza. These 70s-inspired accessories can easily be worn on an everyday basis, not strictly when you’re head-bobbing to David Guetta (or fist pumping or however else you dance…). If styled correctly, you can easily ensure that you won’t look as if you’re headed to a hippie-themed party when you’re walking around campus. In need of a little inspiration? Check out my creation from Polyvore below to see how I styled this look.

Flower power
American Vintage long sleeve sweater / Edwin jean shorts, $51 / Minnetonka moccasin / Forever 21 pendant necklace / Topshop ring / Flower headband

It’s interesting to note how fashion in general has evolved to become more gutsy and colorful over the years; this evolution is also mirrored in the world of headbands, as they have transformed from basic to bold over time. I am quite fond of bold tribal print headbands and head wraps. Some may call my fascination with tribal prints an obsession, and I can honestly agree with that claim. If given the choice between a plain solid-colored headband and a bright patterned one, it’s a no-brainer. I’d choose the bold option, which could be worn with simple items in one of the colors from the headband. Not sure how to style this option? Here’s how I did using Polyore:

Going tribal
H&M purple cardigan, $64 / Topshop shorts / Converse shoes / Charm necklace / Forever 21 hair band headband

Personally, I see headbands as a standout item, though others may see them as a simple accessory that shouldn’t distract from the rest of the outfit. I choose bold head wraps so that I can pair them with my more subdued articles of clothing that I otherwise wouldn’t normally wear. The key is to make the headband the focus of your outfit without having other similarly printed items of clothing distracting from it.

Don’t be afraid to step into uncharted waters with this trend. Be bold and try something new! When you’re thinking about styling an outfit centered on a head wrap, just don’t forget to let the headband do the talkin’.

Have any comments or suggestions? Feel free to leave them below. As always, thanks for reading!


The art of taking an outfit from day to night

This is one of those things that all of us busy fashionistas struggle with every now and then. You’re in a night class or at home studying, and you get an unexpected text from your friend saying, “Just found out about a party at 10. Let’s go!”

Suddenly, you can’t concentrate on anything, and you start to wonder how you can possibly whip yourself into proper “going-out mode” in a span of 30 minutes. Your hair is in a bun, you have barely any makeup on, and you’re still wearing the same clothes you wore to class.

To prevent this panicky situation, there is a simple solution. It all boils down to buying versatile items of clothing that can be easily taken from day to night. These are pieces that can be either dressed up or down according to the occasion. My personal favorites in this department are items like dark wash jeans, graphic T-shirts, high-waisted shorts, plain colored shirts and “muscle tank tops.”

If you buy basic items like this, it’s so much easier to build a totally new outfit centered around them.

Here’s an example of a casual outfit I wore to class last week. I chose the graphic T-shirt option (Led Zeppelin, of course!) because I knew it would be easy to make it dressier when I went out later that night.


And here is how I changed the outfit and took it from a daytime to nighttime outfit by simply pairing it with dressier shorts, shoes and a statement-making necklace.


It was so much less stressful to only have to pick a new pair of shorts and shoes for this outfit rather than having to come up with an entirely different outfit with a new shirt in a time crunch. As a thrifty college student, I’m all for getting the most out of my clothes.

When it comes to transforming an outfit from day to night, the key is to accessorize, accessorize, ACCESSORIZE! This can be as simple as buying some cheap jewelry from Forever 21 (Can you really say no to a necklace for $3.80?). All you need is a little “bling bling” to spice things up a bit.

In need of a little more inspiration to take on this seemingly daunting transformation? Check out this post from Fashion.AllWomenStalk.com for eight ways to take your outfit from day to night! If you’re a maxi skirt kind of gal, then this post on CollegeFashion.net might interest you!

For more style tips like these, stay tuned for future posts. Thanks for reading, fellow fashionistas!

California Lovin’

California: It’s the one place I have dreamed of visiting since I was a little girl. I’ve always been intrigued by the uniqueness of the state. Northern California, with its breathtaking forests and natural scenery, is so different than Southern California, with its beach bums and palm tree-lined streets. It has always fascinated me that one state has so much to offer, and I’m secretly a little mad at my parents for being native Floridians and not Californians.

But all was reconciled when I was blessed enough to visit California twice in one year. I got the best of both worlds: San Francisco during spring break and Los Angeles during the summer. As cheesy as it may sound, both trips gave me a ton of fashion inspiration, from the hustling and bustling businesspeople of San Fran to the laid-back skaters and surfers of LA.

Spring Break in San Francisco was unreal. While everyone back home was tanning and partying at the beach, I was more than perfectly content with soaking in all that San Fran had to offer. There was amazing shopping within walking distance of our hotel. H&M and Urban Outfitters… talk about heavenly! We visited cathedrals, rode the infamous streetcars and biked over the Golden Gate Bridge, all while observing and taking in the totally unique and diverse culture of the city.





When summer rolled around, I couldn’t have possibly been more excited to revisit the Golden State after my unforgettable trip to San Francisco a few months prior. This time, it was just my mom and I heading to Los Angeles. The two gals of the family were set free with no boys in the family to hold us back from doing all of the shopping and people watching that our little hearts desired. In the short time that we had there, we managed to get surfing lessons, visit the Hollywood sign, eat at the famous Beverly Hills Hotel, attend the Men’s Street Skateboarding event at the X-Games, shop at every mall in sight, and stand by the red carpet at the premiere of The Amazing Spiderman. Andrew Garfield was about five feet away from us… no biggie. It was honestly the trip of a lifetime.





Looking back on all of the pictures from these trips made me truly realize how much my everyday style is influenced by my experiences in California. San Francisco, replete with hipsters galore and some unpredictable weather, introduced me to the beauty of vintage “eco-chic” fashions that must include layers in case it rains. Los Angeles, with its somewhat annoyingly perfect weather and killer waves, hooked me with its casual yet polished surfer/skater style. I noticed many people wearing natural makeup and slightly baggy clothes because people in LA are always doing something active. Whether it’s biking to the Santa Monica Pier or longboarding along the beach sidewalks, Californians are always outside soaking in all that Mother Nature has to offer.

The major thing that left a lasting impression on me was California’s uniqueness. Since the state itself is so diverse, its people don’t fit one specific mold, and I love that. Being there taught me that as long as you embrace your own style with a casual, confident attitude, you’re good to go, dude.

I’ve got that “California State of Mind,” and I wouldn’t want it any other way.