Outfit of the night: Fringemas Eve

“‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house”… I was scurrying around trying to put together a Christmas Eve outfit in time for church, with shouts of “Let’s go Vic!” and “We’re not gonna get seats because of you!” in the background. Regardless, I managed to pull together a cute outfit for church and a Christmas Eve party afterwards, and my family and i made it to church on time! Booyah!

I centered this outfit on my white fringe skirt, which I’m slightly obsessed with, and knew I needed to incorporate some red to add a little holiday flair. The top is actually a crop top, but I pulled up the skirt a bit and tucked the shirt in because I didn’t want Jesus catchin’ a glimpse of my bellybutton at church!


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Outfit of the Day: Lunch date

Today I had a lunch date with some of my college friends at the oh so posh Oxford Exchange near downtown Tampa. What did this exactly mean for me? I felt the need to do the following:

  • Talk in a British accent to mirror the namesake of the restaurant
  • Sip my lavender fog tea with my pinkie finger up to look extra classy and sophisticated
  • Order something I usually wouldn’t order for the sake of adventurousness, which ended up being a delicious hummus wrap and hibiscus lemonade
  • Consciously eat my hummus wrap so as to not look like a savage in front of the attractive waiters
  • Take advantage of the lunch date and see it as a chance to dress up… duh!


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Visual Journalism class final project

In lieu of the end of the fall semester, I’d like to share one of my final projects with the blogosphere! For my Visual Journalism class, in which I learned the basics of Photoshop and InDesign for the first time, we were given a lot of freedom for our final project. The only guidelines given were to create our own inforgraphic and have at least one original photo in a magazine type of spread. Though some fellow students chose rather yawn-worthy, statistically complicated subjects, I naturally chose something that I knew would make this huge project enjoyable… fashion! I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of fashion trends evolving over the years, so I decided to compile research and create a timeline to depict this evolution. In order to preserve the quality and make it more readable, I cut the spread in half. Without further adieu, here it is!


Have any comments or suggestions? Feel free to leave them below! But keep in mind that I had never used InDesign or Photoshop before this class, so I’m still an amateur with a lot of learning to do. As always, thanks for reading!

Exam week chic

Exam week – the bane of every college student’s existence – is among us. Sleep-deprived students hyped up on venti Starbucks iced coffees are schlepping around campus in a zombie-like manner. After pulling all-nighters in Library West, they emerge from its depths in their T-shirts and yoga pants and into the fresh air like a baby coming out of the womb. This past week, I’ve noticed that the stellar fashion choices that are typically present around the UF campus have disappeared, only to be replaced with more comfortable options suited for long days of cramming at the library.

Newsflash: It’s possible for your studying attire to be both stylish and comfortable! New trends like harem pants were totally made for the comfy chic look. I personally see them as a more fashionable version of sweatpants, and the cinched ankles and tapered legs ensure that they don’t look like pajama pants. They come in tons of different colors and prints at popular retailers like Forever 21, Love Culture, Cotton On and PacSun. Some of my personal favorites are these tribal ones for when I’m feeling bold and these chambray ones for days when I’m in a more laid back mood. Instead of wearing harem pants with your soccer team hoodie from high school, opt for a snug patterned sweater or cardigan that will give you a more put together look. Here is an exam week look that I made using my latest obsession, Polyvore:


You might be asking yourself, “What is this girl talking about? Why should I even try to look presentable during exam week?” The answer is simple and lies in the saying “If you look good, you feel good.” As a strong believer in this saying, I can attest to the fact that looking presentable every day makes me feel more confident. If I’m feeling good about myself, I’m more likely to be productive and studious. See? It’s a chain reaction of sorts. So start at the root of it all, and get exam week chic.

As always, thank you for reading, and happy studying!