Outfit of the Day: Rockin’ Out

Greetings, blogosphere! Long time no see. This past semester was one of my busiest thus far. I took Reporting (a.k.a. the second most failed class at the University of Florida), which required extensive time and effort every week. I probably could have half-assed it like some of my classmates and gotten by with the minimum grade of a C, but that’s just not my style. I worked my little journalism booty off every week to pump out quality stories, and I ended up getting a B+ in the class! On top of Reporting, I had to deal with transitioning to prepare taking over my school’s chapter of Her Campus. Let’s just say I truly started to understand the diagram below. But in my case, I only had one choice, and that was schoolwork.


But enough of this mini pity party. After one of my busiest semesters thus far, I’m stoked to have this summer to get my blog back on track! Though I’ve been MIA, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been ~stylin’~ in the meantime. This past semester especially, I noticed that I took more time to plan out my outfits every morning to choose something comfortable and fashionable for running around campus all day. As I’ve mentioned in former blog posts, I’m a firm believer in the adage “Look good; feel good.” When I showed up to my 8:30 a.m. three-hour Reporting lab wearing something cute, I can honestly say that those three hours were a lot more bearable because I felt more put-together and awake. Don’t get me wrong—I also relied on my fair share of caffeinated tea before dashing out the door and nearly sprinting to make it on time to my lab. But wearing cute clothes definitely helped along the way!

Yesterday I decided to let out my inner rockstar while choosing what to wear to a lunch date with one of my best friends at Oxford Exchange (check out my former post about what I wore when I ate lunch there last time. I may or may not be qualified as an OE groupie by now.)


Sometimes I like to swap out the Sam Edelman sandals with my gray Vans for a more laidback look, but I opted for the sandals yesterday because this Florida weather is ~oh so hot~. (Side note: I’m honestly not quite sure why I have such an obsession with the ~ symbol. I think it’s because I feel like it puts an ~eMpHaSiS~ on certain words… or maybe it’s because it makes me feel kind of fancy for some reason.) Anyways, this Led Zeppelin shirt is my ultimate go-to. I grew up listening to Led and U2 among other bands, but Led is always my top choice if I’m in a rock n’ roll kind of mood. “Hey Hey What Can I Do,” ”Over the Hills and Far Away,” “The Ocean,” “Houses of the Holy” and “Black Dog” are a few of my favorites. I love this shirt because I can dress it up like I did yesterday or I can pair it with shorts, a flannel shirt and Vans for a casual vibe if I’m headed to class or the library. I love the idea of stacking multiple bracelets with a watch, so I did just that yesterday to add a little ~bling bling~ to my outfit. I topped it off with my super cool snake ring and voila—a rockin’ and stylin’ OOTD was born.



We’re just going to pretend that my watch isn’t actually broken…


Let’s also pretend my nail polish isn’t hideously chipped…




Shirt: Cotton On | Skirt: PacSun | Shoes: DSW | Watch: American Apparel | Ring: Aldo | Bracelets: American Eagle

As always, thanks for reading!


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