Outfit of the Day: Not-So-Traditional Kimono

It really blows my mind how Americans have a way of… well, Americanizing things. Let’s take everyone’s guilty pleasure – pizza – as an example. When I had real pizza in Rome back in seventh grade, I was pretty shocked at how different it was compared to the Domino’s I was used to. My initial thoughts were, “Dang, Papa John is such a poser. This stuff is the bomb.com.” Authentic Italian pizza is lighter and less greasy, and the ingredients are actually fresh as opposed to the often frozen toppings that American pizza chains use.

Let’s be real. I could talk about pizza for hours (mostly because I’m having severe separation anxiety without Gainesville’s finest Pizza By The Slice just a mere five-minute walk from my apartment). But let’s bring it all back to the focus of my blog—fashion. A major style trend for the summer is the “kimono,” a lightweight jacket usually made of polyester or rayon. These Americanized “kimonos” are flowy, open in the front and are often used as a layer to add a little ~ooo lala~ to any basic outfit. I think it’s necessary to put quotes around the word when referring to these types of “kimonos” because they’re far from the real thing.

Our American version of a kimono pales in comparison to legit kimonos—floor-length Japanese robes that wrap around the body. According to an old article that I came across on BBC News, new kimonos usually cost nearly $2,000, which is just slightly out of my price range. I personally feel like it’s a bit of a stretch to call these cheaper American versions kimonos. I mean, look at this gal on the left. She’s covered head-to-toe in a killer garment that’s rich in Japanese culture. Though the girl on the right is no doubt stylish, her “kimono” just doesn’t stand a chance in terms of the real meaning of the word.

Image[photo credits: blog.coco-fashion.com and vampirextina.buzznet.com]

I just think it’s interesting to note how we as Americans often alter the names of products to make them appear more “trendy” or desirable. We often get so caught up in the consumerist culture of the generation that we forget the cultural roots of certain parts of our society. Okay, mini rant over. Don’t get me wrong—although I may not agree with what they’re called, I still think they’re great wardrobe staples for the summer. Kimono. Jacket. Cover-up. However you choose to refer to them, they’re my latest fashion obsession. They give me the chance to brush the cobwebs off my more plain clothes that I tend to ignore. For this outfit, I chose a loose black tank top and turquoise shorts to accent the subtle hints of the green-blue shade that are found in my jacket. I really like the combination of turquoise and orange if it’s done correctly, so I chose my studded Vans for a funky finishing touch on this outfit.


 It felt like a mustache kinda day, am I right?


Just because I can’t seem to pose for a picture like a normal human being.


 Everyone needs a little fringe in their life!


 Getting ~up close n’ personal~


Just me n’ my boyfriend posing for a pic.


I don’t think I could possibly be any more cheesy.


Perfect 200-degree weather for a little longboard action. Thanks Florida!


My frizzy hair and I romantically riding off into the distance ~


 “Kimono”/jacket: Tilly’s | Tank top, shorts and necklace: Forever 21 | Studded Vans: courtesy of yours truly

As always, thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Not-So-Traditional Kimono

  1. Haha, I think that’s so true! I posted that thought on my blog a few days ago and I agree that they really don’t bear any resemblance to actual kimonos. Love your photos!

    • Yeah it hit me when I started thinking about what to write for my post and I was like woah wait, why are these even called kimonos?! Haha glad you agree. And thanks a ton!

  2. Miriam says:

    Love reading your blog Vic!! So fashionable and hilarious all at the same time. Boom shakalaka. Keep it up!!

  3. Your kimono looks like more of poncho : ) … but nothing wrong with that. Why not wear a “summer kimono” (Yukata)? A summer yukata is a great way to have great kimono-inspired fashion without all the work of full kimono : )

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