The Great Two-Week Messina Family Roadtrip Across Europe

My recent family vacation was… interesting. Sharing multiple hotel rooms with my two brothers was disgusting and annoying. Driving for six hours from France to Spain, all cramped in a stick shift European van with my dad driving like a speed demon, was nothing short of terrifying. Hopping from city to city every two or three days to cover a total of five cities was pretty exhausting. But it was all totally worth it because I was able to see and experience things I only thought were possible in my dreams, as cheesy as that may sound. If you’re at all interested in what my life was like as I traveled throughout Europe with my family, then keep on reading!

Day 1: Buongiorno, Roma!

Our first full day in Europe was a long one. Despite extreme cases of jetlag, we woke up at 9:30 a.m. (a.k.a 3:30 a.m. Tampa time) for a breakfast of cheese and salami, which took some getting used to. We toured the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica—an overwhelming trio. Even though they prohibited taking photos inside the Sistine Chapel, I just couldn’t resist snapping a few! After staring up at the ceiling for so long, I was pretty sure my neck was going to be stuck like that. All I have to say is… Mad props to Michelangelo because the Sistine Chapel is absolutely breathtaking. Even though I was basically a zombie after all of those tours, I chugged an “iced coffee” (which was basically straight espresso) and went to check out the Colosseum and a few churches. That night, my brothers and I went to an Irish pub to watch the USA vs. Ghana World Cup game and ended up bonding with random Americans over soccer and strong beer.


The beautiful St. Peter’s Basilica


Not the best quality photo because I was hiding from scary Italian guards, but hey look it’s the Sistine Chapel!




Me and my not-so-little little brother at the Colosseum!

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