Musings from a stylish summer in Europe

It’s been nearly three months since I landed back on American soil after my unforgettable seven-week European summer adventure. Following a two-week family road trip from Florence to Barcelona, I spent five of the most memorable weeks of my life studying abroad with my three best friends in Valencia, Spain. It’s safe to say that I nearly cry every Thursday, as I scroll through my photos trying to pick out what photo to use for #ThrowBackThursday. Valencia’s culture became a part of me in the short time I was there, and I miss the laidback, relaxed vibe of the people more and more each week.

I planned to blog every week during my time abroad, but I obviously didn’t stick to that commitment, as this is regrettably the first time I’ve posted on my blog since July 2. Though I would’ve loved to document my adventures and fashionable escapades along the way, I found myself wanting to be 100 percent immersed in everything I was experiencing. I probably passed up great opportunities for killer “Outfit of the Day” blog posts, but it’s all worth it for the memories I made. Trust me — I’d love to ramble on and reminisce about my weekend adventures to Paris, Ibiza, Barcelona and Madrid or the times my friends and I stayed out late enough to catch the sunrise on the beach. But I’ll spare you the details and just stick to the focus of my blog — fashion.

I was so stoked to receive the opportunity to start writing for CollegeFashionista, a website dedicated to college campus fashion trends, at the start of the summer. Once my European journey began, I started writing for the “Fashion From Abroad” section, which was a total dream come true. Being a Style Guru Intern for CollegeFashionista required (or should I say requires, as I still write for the site currently!) me to find a stylish stranger to photograph and write about once a week. From freely flowing fabrics to practical purses and flashy sunglasses to funky overalls, the European trends that I wrote about were all over the board.

The absolute best part of interning for CF while abroad is that it allowed me to interact with local Europeans (mostly in Spanglish) about their personal style. Despite the fact that most people I approached didn’t really speak much English (and some of them looked at me like I had four heads when I said the phrase “CollegeFashionista” because they’d never heard of it), we shared a shared love for all things fashionable. Instantly finding common ground — like a mutual love for patterned socks or vintage overalls — with a complete stranger in a different country was such a unique thing to experience.

Being immersed in it for seven weeks, I gained a fond appreciation for European fashion. Some of my favorite times were those spent sipping coffee or sangria at outdoor restaurants, which were perfect for a little dose of people watching. From the monochromatic color palettes in Paris to the flowy, feminine silhouettes of Spain, I loved observing the huge differences that exist between fashion here in the U.S. and abroad. Europeans seemed to just care more about their style — not in the annoying try-hard kind of way, though.

Needless to say, coming back to the land of baggy fraternity T-shirts and yoga pants — also known as the lovely Gainesville, Florida — was a bit of a rude awakening. But I often find myself thinking back on my interactions with fashionable Europeans when I get in a rut and need a little style inspiration. Their attention to detail and ability to be “sexy” without showing too much skin are admirable and left a huge impression on me. Here’s to hopefully returning to Europe to relive my summer adventures and make all new memories in the near future! But hey, what’s a blog post without a few photos, am I right? Below are a few pictures of my favorite outfits from the time I spent in Valencia and other places I traveled on the weekends. 1910525_10204214352747984_2463426814931776974_n

A group photo of my fab and stylish gal pals and I (on the left) at a “discoteca” on the beach in Valencia. To echo the relaxed vibe of the beach, I chose a casual pairing of a flowy white tank and jean shorts, with my patterned headband as the focus.


Casually chillin’ on top of a castle (and some really unstable wires…) with some of the most gorgeous water in the background.  For my program trip to Peñiscola, I based my outfit around comfortable shoes that were perfect for walking around the coastal town (and also perfect for sprinting to try to catch a missed train to Barcelona later that day…)


Spending the whole day exploring the breathtaking Parc Güell called for a lightweight dress and breezy kimono. I ended up basically blending in with Gaudi’s mosaics, thanks to my patterned kimono.


My stylish friend, Daniela, and I prepared ourselves for the chilly breeze on top of the Eiffel Tower. I opted for a beanie and my favorite flannel and she went for jeans and an army green jacket (that I not-so-secretly want to steal…).


Chose my ultimate comfy chic go-to — CottonOn shirt and patterned pants duo — for a day spent wandering through the Palace of Versailles in Paris.


I borrowed (and nearly stole) my friend Kaitlyn’s loose-fitting dress from PacSun for our last day in Paris. I paired it with a denim vest to make it more suitable for when we visited the Notre Dame cathedral and topped it off with some fuchsia lipstick.

As always, thanks for reading! Hopefully my next post won’t take three months to publish! Stay ~stylish~ my friends.


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