Fall/Winter Outfits Featuring Faded Days Sunglasses

I have to start this blog post in the most journalistically ethical way possible — by fully disclosing the fact that I was given these featured sunglasses for free. But I’ll also fully disclose the fact that my opinions are 100 percent true and unbiased. Alrighty, that’s out there on the table. Are you happy, FTC? My Ethics of Journalism teacher would be so proud right now.

I’ve never been much of a sunglasses connoisseur. I always prefer the Forever 21 knockoff Ray Bans rather than the real thing. Why? Well, for one, I’m a college student, so dropping $100 on sunglasses isn’t in the cards if I want to fulfill my Big Apple dreams. Aaaand secondly, I’m a college student, so things are bound to get lost or broken among my hectic day-to-day schedule. That’s why Faded Days sunglasses are so dope — they’re well made so it doesn’t feel like they’ll break when I shove them in my backpack, and they’re affordable enough to warrant me buying another pair in case they do break.

I’ve wanted to get back into blogging, so I figured the best way to showcase these beauties would be to pair them with some fall/winter outfits. I know, I know… fall is nearly over. But when you live in Florida, the seasons seem to sort of just blend together. Though cool breezes and rain showers come and go throughout the year, one constant in the Sunshine State is — you guessed it — sunshine! These rad tortoise sunglasses provide great UV protection and pair well with just about any outfit. With an eclectic wardrobe like mine, what more could I ask for?

Outfit #1: Shorts and a Sweater
The upper half of my body always tends to get colder than my legs in the event that Mother Nature graces us with temperatures below 70 degrees. Pairing a sweater with shorts may seem absurd in any other state, but in Florida it’s totally commonplace. This outfit looks cute with knee-high socks that are either worn above the knees or scrunched down with combat boots. The brown hues in these tortoise sunglasses mesh really well with the warm fall colors in this look.


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7 Scarves You Need This Fall (and How to Wear Them!)

This article was originally published on 20some.com.
 There’s just something about fall that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside — maybe it’s the smell of pumpkin spice seemingly wafting through the air, even when I’m not near a Starbucks. Or maybe it’s the sound of fallen leaves (or palm fronds because #Floridaprobz) crunching on the ground as I walk to class. Or maybe it’s the fact that I finally get to put some miles on the dozens of flannel shirts, oversized sweaters and scarves I’ve invested in over the years.

Speaking of scarves, how the heck do you even tie those long pieces of woven fabric? Well, it turns out there are tons of ways (25 to be exact) to wear these fashionable accessories. But this begs another set of questions: How should I style my scarf? Do I just throw it over a sweater and call it a day? Is it socially acceptable to wear one with a dress? Fear not, fellow 20somethings — I’m here to calm those worries before you venture out into the chilly autumn weather and tick off the fashion police. Below are seven must-have scarves and some ideas for how to rock them this fall.

1. The Plaid Scarf
Considering my track record with owning an insane amount of flannel shirts, a plaid scarf is #1 on my fall shopping list. Why? Because nothin’ says fall like a little touch of plaid. Pair one of these with an army green jacket and you’ll look like you just walked off the set of an Urban Outfitters photo shoot.
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