Outfit of the Day: 1/18/16

Well hello there, blogosphere… It’s been a hot minute since I graced you with my last post, “Fall/Winter Outfits Featuring Faded Days Sunglasses.” But actually, it’s only been about a month, yet I’ve been craving to blog more these days. I’m hoping that my last semester of college [*insert copious amounts of tears*] allows me some extra time to blog more among my part-time job, classes, job/internship applications and the mopping up of my tears. Luckily, Martin Luther King Jr. Day gave me a little more time to put thought into my outfit before I headed to a local coffee shop to reluctantly bury my head in my communications law textbook.

For this outfit, I decided to layer my favorite bomber jacket on top of my equally as favorite cropped sweater, and I finished off the look with — you guessed it — my new favorite shoes. I guess you could say MLK Jr. had me feelin’ some type of way this morning…

DSCN0876Runnin’ through the streets with my woes (a.k.a myself and my blurry right hand and foot).

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