1 Pair of Shoes, 4 Looks: How to Style Silver Oxfords

I locked eyes with them from across the room as they glistened in the fluorescent lights, beckoning me closer. I was browsing through the racks at Zara’s summer sale when I spotted the most beautiful pair of silver oxfords. I thought to myself, “Dang, these would make me look like a rad mix of Michael Jackson and the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. But there’s no way I could rock these…” So I walked away.

That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about the shoes, as I imagined the killer outfits I could rock with them. My rule of thumb about shopping is “If you’re still thinking about a pair of shoes (or dress, shirt, etc.) the next day, it was probably meant to be, so just go buy them.” Sure enough, I was still thinking about those silver shoes the next afternoon. So I vowed to go back to the Herald Square Zara in New York City to relive what was quite possible my only love-at-first-sight experience (besides the first time I saw Ramen noodle burgers at Smorgasburg, that is…). I waltzed in and beelined it to the back left corner to reunite with those shiny beauties, practically breaking into a sprint because of my excitement. But when I got there, my heart stopped. They weren’t there. And when I asked a sales associate, she told me they completely sold out the day before. My jaw dropped.

I wasn’t sure I would know how to love a pair of shoes again after that heartbreak, but that was until I discovered the perfect lookalike pair on ASOS.com.


I decided to style four different outfits featuring these bad boys for any fashionista out there looking for some ~inspo.~ Whether you’re styling silver ballet flats, sneakers or brogues like mine, I hope these looks can get the creative juices a-flowin’ and inspire you to think outside the box when piecing together your outfit in the morning. Photo credz go to my gal pal, Brittany Valencic, who was incredibly patient with my inability to act like a normal human in front of the camera.

1.) Casual Daytime
Headed to class, Sunday brunch or the weekend farmers market? Ditch your usual sundress and go for a corduroy skirt and graphic shirt combo. I’ll be the first to admit that the skirt’s dusty rose hue is slightly reminiscent of a grandmother’s couch from the ’70s. Plus, I’m usually not a fan of the color pink in general. But the skirt proves that corduroy isn’t only restricted to the autumn months, a preconceived notion I used to believe was true. You can definitely catch me sporting this outfit in the spring and summer

DSCN1077You can never go wrong with a snazzy brick wall, amirite?DSCN1082
This was four seconds after a woman yelled “Work it, girl!” out of her car window. Apparently my version of “workin’ it” is smiling with my eyes half-closed.
DSCN1106“Say cheeeeeese!”
DSCN1110When you don’t feel like smiling for the paparazzi anymore…

Skirt: PacSun //  Shirt: PacSun (similar) // Sunglasses: Nordstrom

2.) Business Casual
I used to do everything in my power to avoid the term “business casual” because it queues up thoughts of kitten heels and stiff button-down shirts. But then I realized there are tons of fun ways to approach the style category without wearing the same old button-down and pencil skirt combo that’s so overdone. (And yes, I’m engaging in some shameless self-promo by alluding to one of my past blog posts about this topic!) The high-neck shift dress in this look says “I like to keep up with trends,” while the blazer says “I mean business and I’m here to get sh** done, yo.” The silver oxfords add the perfect touch of personality to make you stand out among your coworkers and could definitely catch the eye of that cutie in the office that you’ve been eyeing.

DSCN1135Anyone down for a game of checkers… on top of my dress?

DSCN1153Lookin’ down at my baes and admiring their perfection. 

DSCN1154Laughing because in one month, I’m actually going to be a real adult who has to wear real clothes like these every day…

DSCN1155Oh hey, new LinkedIn profile photo??

Dress: Forever 21 (similar) // Blazer: H&M (similar)

3.) Casual Nighttime
If you’re looking for the perfect casual first-date outfit, then look no further — I’ve gotcha covered, ladies. The denim-on-denim pairing shows that you’re not afraid to experiment and try new things, and the shoes just add an extra adventurous touch that’ll definitely be a conversation starter. Plus, by opting for flats instead of heels, you avoid the chance of busting your booty while nervously walking to meet your date for the first time. Crisis averted.

DSCN1114The reflection of the cars in the window add quite the lovely touch, don’t ya think?DSCN1122When your lipstick matches the door of an out-of-business restaurant… #trendy??DSCN1126Gettin’ ~up close ‘n’ personal~DSCN1133I somehow always manage to find the brick walls…

Shirt: PacSun (similar) //  Jeans: PacSun (similar) // Necklace: Unknown (similar)

4.) Dressy Nighttime
Newsflash: You don’t have to wear 5-inch stilettos to look or feel dressy enough for nighttime. In fact, these shoes are the perfect alternative because they add a touch of glitz to make them fancy, while still providing the comfort of flats. Bye bye, blisters and hello, happy feet! Go for an all-black ensemble and throw on a statement necklace because statement necklaces make the world go ’round.DSCN1159There’s some serious contrast between my outfit and my skin color… Looks like it’s time for a beach trip ASAP!
DSCN1176Shoutout to my hair wand for being the real MVP today.DSCN1178I guess you can say I have a go-to pose.DSCN1179

When the ombre you got two years ago actually starts showing up in photos…

Crop top: Forever 21 //  Jeans: Wolfgang (similar) // Necklace: Unknown (similar)

As always, thanks for reading! And always remember… when you lock eyes with a killer pair of shoes for the first time, just bite the bullet and go for it.


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